Assignment of visual exercises – Online lesson

Your tutor will give you special exercises to do alone and she will explain to you how to do them.

Each session has 2 parts.

  • 1st part: In this part the exercise will be assigned and explained in detail. Examples will be given.
  • 2nd part: Discuss the exercise and see how the specific exercise was used as a visual solution by famous artists.

There are many visual exercises that can help an artist, an illustrator, a designer or an art lover to comprehend how colours, shapes, lines, hues, tones, textures etc. can form visual language.  These exercises will help you to gain a sharp eye.

  • 1 session (45 minutes)
  • 4 sessions (3 hours)

Please leave a note during checkout on which platform works best for you and the preferable time and date for the lesson. Please bear in mind that time slots are subject to availability.

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