How many participants are in every group?

We run at 12 participants maximum capacity.

I am a beginner, can I follow the workshop?

Teaching is adapted to each participants needs.

The art workshop is open to all artistic levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished artist, this inspirational painting course is designed to teach you how to capture the feeling of any scene and transform it in your own unique vision narrative or abstract.

From beginners wanting to learn the basics, to those who have lapsed from their easels over the years; from the seasoned professionals and painting lovers, looking for idyllic settings who want to paint away from their usual surroundings, to those who want to experience the clarity of light and the stretching hues of the famous Greek islands; all are welcome to join the painting workshop.

Is tutoring the same for all participants?

Individual attention is given throughout the day, teaching is adapted to the abilities and needs of each student while allowing them to enjoy their stay in the Island.
Participants that had practiced painting are advised to send us some pictures of their paintings in order to offer them a specialised tutoring according to their needs.

How many hours daily is the workshop?

The studio opens at 9.00am and use of the studio is 6 hours per day, with morning and evening classes, out doors and in doors. During the morning session you can paint with acrylics on canvas and during the afternoon session you will practice on your sketch books with water colours or water colour pencils, pen etc.
One evening a lecture with the theme “Landscape through Art History/Elements of Composition and Structure and Colour Analysis” will take place at the studio where artists and their non-painting partners are welcome to follow.

Do I have to bring with me my paints, and other art supplies?

MetaxArt has everything you might need for painting (canvasses, canvas fabric, boards, colours, brushes, easels, etc).

As artists are usually attached with their beloved tools such as brushes, knives we optionally suggest to bring them with you.

MetaxArt can provide fine art papers for sketching but we recommend to bring with you your own sketch book and coloured water colour pencils or water colours as you will be taught how to use them any time in the future wherever you are, indoors or outdoors.

Do I get a Certificate of Attendance when I finish the workshop?

Yes. To be able to get your Certificate of Attendance you have to follow the every day schedule.

How do I carry back my paintings?

All the art works produced during the workshop belongs to the painters who created them.

You have three choices of carrying back your artworks:

  • Paint directly on unframed canvas fabric on board (with masking tape) and take them with you in a tube. You can buy tubes from MetaxArt. The biggest dimension that you can take in airplane is 50cm. That means that you can work on 50x40cm, 50x70cm etc. canvasses
  • Choose small canvas sizes like 40x30cm, 45x35cm and take them with you as a hand luggage (check your airline regulations) or put them in a small suitcase to travel as fragile
  • The third but quite pricey option is to post your paintings in box with a transportation company.

When I have to arrive for a workshop?

Participants have to arrive the latest in the afternoon of the 1st day of the workshop as the 1st meeting is at MetaxArt Studio at 18.00pm. Poros Village is 1hour drive from the airport.

When I leave after the workshop finishes?

The workshop finishes late in the evening of the last day, where we celebrate with the exhibition event. Participants can leave the next day.

Does MetaxArt offers any dinner included at the tuition fees?

MetaxArt offers a welcome diner the first day of your arrival and a meze evening with local products, the last day of the workshop, during the exhibition of the artworks done the previous days.

Will I have time to relax and enjoy during my art holidays?

The daily plan is organised in a way to offer you enough time to relax, go for a walk or a swim.

At your arrival you will get the daily schedule and then you can organise your free time.

Are any visits or excursions included in the program?

MetaxArt offers one day excursion tour around Kefalonia where you will visit Melissani cave lake and a lot of interesting sights. Sometimes depending on the weather instead of the Kefalonia day tour we go for a day cruise to Ithaca.

Can I extend my stay further than the workshop days?

Participants can come earlier and leave later from the workshop dates by extending their accommodation. MetaxArt can coordinate for extra days accommodation and offer information about the place.

Payment & Registration

How do I book my participation?

In order to book you have to submit the application form through MetaxArt Website and deposit the 50% of tuition fees.

How do I pay?

We accept payments in € Euros and GBP, British pounds by bank transfer or Paypal.
We do not assume any charges for transactions made by your paying-institution.

Can I pay in separate installments?

Yes, you can pay the 50% of tuition fees in advance to confirm your booking and the rest 50% you pay upon arrival to Poros, Kefalonia.


Is it obligatory to book accommodation through MetaxArt?

No. Participants are free to choose from two payment options, with or without accommodation. Accommodation is included only if chosen by request. MetaxArt collaborates with local Hotels which highly recommend them for its workshops participants, all with bathroom ensuite and reasonable prices. MetaxArt will coordinate reservations for participants and assist with hotels if so desired.

Can I bring my friend or wife / husband with me?

Artists partners are welcome. With a fee they can join the group and enjoy:

  • One welcome complimentary dinner upon arrival.
  • One day excursion tour round Kefalonia.
  • A farewell Greek meze and wine evening.
  • The use of the studio garden with free Wi Fi and refreshments to enjoy.

Underage students information

MetaxArt accepts underage students either if they are accompanied by a guardian or if the permission documents for participation to the workshop are given to us. MetaxArt also offers the possibility to Artists students to come with their non artist partner/family member or guardian. Acceptance is according to the participant due to differences of the law in European countries members of EU, non members of EU and United States.

Where do I stay when come to Kefalonia?

MetaxArt will coordinate reservations for participants and assist with hotels.
MetaxArt collaborates with local hotels which highly recommend them for its workshops participants, all with bathroom in suite and reasonable prices.
All hotels are small family run businesses.

Are airport transfers included in the price?

Airport transfers are included only when you chose to take accommodation through MetaxArt and when you arrive the day the workshop begins and depart the next day after the workshop ends.

Are the hotels close to MetaxArt?

The hotels are 5-8 minutes walking from MetaxArt and only one with swimming pool is 20 minutes walking distance uphill.

Workshops dates & costs

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