MetaxArt has everything you need for your workshop!

In the painting workshops and art classes you can use various media, which include but are not limited to watercolour, acrylics, oils, pencil, ink, oil or dry pastels, mixed media and collages.

MetaxArt will provide painting materials and equipment so you can just bring yourself.

Provided materials are:

Charcoals • Acrylics • Oils • Water colours • Water colour paper • Gesso coated paper • Primed painting boards • Primed canvases and wooden boards • Framed canvasses (35x45cm, 40x50cm, 50x70cm).

Equipment such as easels, stools, palettes, foam boards, brushes etc. will be also provided.

Feel free to bring any personal supplies you prefer like your beloved brushes, water colours and more!

We recommend the use of acrylics as they dry fast and you won’t have any problems carrying them back, but if you wish you are always welcome to use oils.

To make sure the equipment and materials of your preference are available, please specify along with your application. We will be happy to help you with any questions regarding the art supplies.

Carrying back your paintings

All the art works produced during the workshop belongs to the painters who created them.

You have three choices of carrying back your artworks:

Small canvas sizes

Choose small canvas sizes like 40x30cm, 45x35cm and take them with you as a hand luggage (check your airline regulations) or put them in a small suitcase to travel as fragile object.

Rolled artwork in tube

Paint on canvasses mounted on wooden board with tape, unfold and take them with you in a tube. The biggest dimension that you can take in airplane is 50cm. That means that you can work on 50x70cm, 50x80cm etc. canvasses.

Art-secure packaging

The third choice is to send them in a custom made box (which we can order for you to a local carpenter) with a transportation company but this is quite expensive.

Let’s paint together by the sea! Book your MetaxArt Painting Workshop now!

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