MetaxArt Workshops is an Art Retreat operating Painting Workshops during Spring, Summer and Autumn and Artist Residencies in Poros Village, in the Island of Kefalonia in Greece.

MetaxArt Retreat is situated in the centre of the village of Poros just few meters away from the coast. Palm and lotus trees surround the garden and the veranda while the scenery is completed by the blue hues of the sky and sea.

The vibrant colours of the bugambilias, the foliage of the trees and the colourful views complement the ideal environment that one needs in order to let go and fulfil their creativity.


The art workshop is open to all artistic levels.

Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished artist, this inspirational painting course is designed to teach you how to capture the feeling of any scene and transform it in your own unique vision narrative or abstract.

From beginners wanting to learn the basics, to those who have lapsed from their easels over the years; from the seasoned professionals and painting lovers, looking for idyllic settings who want to paint away from their usual surroundings, to those who want to experience the clarity of light and the stretching hues of the famous Greek islands; all are welcome to join the painting workshop.

The studio opens daily from 9:00am to 7:00pm while students are encouraged to work outdoors under the guidance of their tutor. The outdoor scenery is promoted for a bigger range of painting inspiration. The choice to work indoors will always be available.

Individual attention is given throughout the day and teaching is easily adapted to the abilities and needs of each student.

This personalized guidance will focus on your specific goals and challenges and encourage you to open new doors in your art work, while enjoying the pleasure of the Greek summer. These art classes will run in groups of a maximum of 12 and will be taught in both English and Greek.

This will enrich your painting abilities in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Organizing the composition of the painting space
  • How to simply transfer the vast and chaotic surroundings on the canvas
  • Understanding perspective and painting depth
  • Grasping the extensive scales of the Kefalonian light
  • Discover the dynamic range of warm-cool hues and bright-dark values
  • Enhance your visual memory

Each afternoon after painting students can participate in art discussions and critique in the relaxed atmosphere of the veranda.

One evening a lecture with the theme “Landscape through Art History/Elements of Composition and Structure” will take place at the studio where artists and their non-painting partners are welcome to follow.

Do not leave empty handed! The MetaxArt Workshop will provide you with a signed certificate stating the skills you earned having followed the workshop.

Meet your art tutor

Natasha Metaxa


Natasha Metaxa
Founder & tutor of MetaxArt Workshops

For more info please visit her official website:

Online Lessons


MetaxArt Workshops are designed by the artist Natasha Metaxa, an experienced and successful tutor of Visual Arts to all ages, abilities and levels.

Her disciplines include drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media and computer art. She has taught as Research Fellow at the University of the Aegean, Department of Sciences in the Pre-School Education and Educational Design and in many other institutions.

She is an active artist and has given many solo and group exhibitions in Athens, New York, and London.

Tutor’s statement

The creations of an artist are a combination of knowledge and experience, a result of what you feel, what you learn and practise. The clarity of light in Kefalonia has influenced the way I perceive color. It is so wild and strong that stretches all colors to their limits. Even if it is a light that you can’t hide yourself from it, it will never make you suffer as you can always find shelter under a shadow.

There in the coolness of the foliage you discover that blue becomes more intense, green is analyzed from the softest lemon yellow up to the deepest emerald you have ever imagined. Red and orange are very discreetly separated and the difficult yellow offers you its whole range. The Kefalonia landscape guides you in an unlimited range of hues, values and shapes. The light slides provocatively through foliage, holes, shutters and illuminates even the darkest interior revealing everything in its authentic volume. This is an experience that I want to share with people who love to paint.

The workshop  will include a structured course on color analysis and elements of composition using the environment as the visual stimulus through which students can develop their awareness and abilities regardless of their level or style of their work.

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